Wireless Mouse Baseus F02, 4000DPI, BT / Wi-Fi, Black B01055505111-01

Manufacturer: Baseus
EAN: 6932172651053
PN: B01055505111-01
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Mouse
  • F02
  • Wireless
  • Black


  • Retail
Wireless Mouse Baseus F02 - Black

The Baseus F02 Wireless Mouse features a Quiet Button Click of 30dB,
ensuring noiseless operation that won't distract or disturb others.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Specially designed to fit perfectly in your hand, this mouse prevents discomfort even after extended use.

Perfect Fit for Everyone

Taking into account the average palm size, the Baseus F02 is crafted to suit most users comfortably.

2.4G & Bluetooth Connection for Multiple Devices

With two connection modes, this mouse is compatible with various devices.
Bluetooth Mode: Supports Bluetooth 5.2, eliminating the need for a receiver and freeing up your PC's USB port.
2.4GHz Mode: Requires connecting the included USB receiver.

Bluetooth 5.2 Chip

Enhanced resistance to electromagnetic interference and improved stability with ultra-low latency,
ensuring smooth and easy mouse navigation.

5 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

With up to 4000DPI sensitivity, this mouse caters to both daily use and gaming needs.
4000/2400DPI: Ideal for 8K/4K monitors or gaming.
2000/1600DPI: Enhances office work efficiency.
1000DPI: Perfect for drawing.

Note: Higher DPI means more sensitivity and faster cursor movement.

Customizable Shortcut Button

Functions like Back to Desktop, Lock Screen, Mute, Screenshot can be customized for more efficient work.
Download the Baseus app and connect the mouse to configure settings, with "Back to Desktop" as the default.

Works Well on Any Surface

This mouse moves smoothly on wood, textile, leather, and other surfaces.


- 30dB silent button
- 5 adjustable DPI levels
- Bluetooth 5.2
- 2.4G connection
- Customizable button
- Various applications
- Battery indicator


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