Memory Card MicroSDXC Kingston Canvas Select Plus Android A1, with adapter, 128Gb, Class 10 - UHS-1 U1, SDCS2/128GB (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: Kingston
EAN: 740617299076
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General Info

  • Memory Card
  • 128 GB
  • Eu Blister

Memory Card MicroSDXC Kingston Canvas Select Plus 

With Adapter, 128Gb, Clasa 10 - UHS-1 U1

The Kingston Canvas Select Plus MicroSDXC memory card is optimised for Android mobile devices with a MicroSD memory slot.

Equipped with SD adapter, for use on devices with SD slot (eg DSLR digital camera).

Class 10, UHS-1 U1 - offers performance and read speed up to 100 MB / s.


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