Huawei Scale 3 55026228 (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: Huawei
EAN: 6941487202638
PN: 55026228
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  • Eu Blister

Huawei Scale 3

With HUAWEI Scale 3, you have a detailed analysis of your physical condition, using 11 body indicators.

The more details it displays, the more changes become possible. Follow the evolution of body fat and skeletal muscle assessments with HUAWEI Scale 3.

Big data technologies and artificial intelligence give you accurate information, so you have a healthier body and a more balanced lifestyle.

With the help of the Huawei Health 2 application, you will have at your disposal a detailed analysis of your body composition.

Connect your HUAWEI Scale 3 scale via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can use it more easily.

Based on a scientific analysis, the application will also give you the guidance you need to get better results.

With safety glass panel and other parts painted in immaculate white, the "Scale 3" scale from HUAWEI has a minimalist design, with precise lines.

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