Gosund Smart Plug Set of 2 SP112, Wifi, 16A, 2xUSB, White (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: Gosund
EAN: 5907489608060
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Gosund Smart Plug Set of 2
Easy to use

The Smart Life application is available in German language and, in addition to standard device switching on/off, it also offers the creation of action plans for individual devices,
thanks to which connected devices can be automatically switched on and off at specific times. Gosund devices only work on 2.4GHz WiFi networks.
Thanks to the application, you can schedule the operation of devices in your home (including lights) so that they simulate the presence of an inhabitant, which can deter a potential burglar.

Robust construction

The Gosund SP112 connector is made from the highest quality materials. It is ROHS and CE certified, the body is safe and fire resistant.
Two 2.1A USB sockets are installed in each case.

Model SP112
Type: Type F Schuko Euro Plug
Dimensions: 12.5 x 9 x 9 cm
Voltage: 230V
Wattage: 0.40W
Maximum power: 3680W
WiFi connectivity: 2.4GHz
Measurement accuracy: from 0.1 kWh
Smart Life App (Tuya App)
Additional functions: energy consumption measurement + timer function, 2x USB 2.1A
Weight: 130 grams

Smart Home

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