Powerbank Baseus BIPOW, 20000 mA, Standard Charge (5V), 15W, White PPDML-J02

Manufacturer: Baseus
EAN: 6953156206489
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Baseus BIPOW Powerbank

The Baseus BIPOW Powerbank is ideal for charging your tablet or phone safely.
It is equipped with 2 USB and one USB Type-C port, meaning that you can charge 3 devices at once,
using appropriate cables sold separately.
If you need to fill up the power bank you have two options: using the MicroUSB or USB Type-C ports.
It also has a digital display, a charging indicator and multiple charging protections.
Baterie Externa Powerbank Baseus BIPOW, 20000 mA, Standard Charge (5V), 15W, Afisaj Led, Alba PPDML-J02 Specifications:

- Capacity: 20.000 mAh
- Dimensions: 153 x 68.8 x 29.5 mm
- Ports: 2 x USB (Output), USB Type-C (Input/Output), MicroUSB (Input)
- LED display
- USB Type-C Input:  5V/3A (15 W)
- MicroUSB Input: 5V/3A (10 W)
- USB Type-C Output: 5V/3A
- USB1/2 Output: 5V/3A


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