HOCO Flash Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Full Face, HD, Black (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: Hoco
EAN: 6931474735515
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Availability: In stock

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General Info

  • Clear
  • Tempered Glass
  • Black
  • Eu Blister

HOCO Flash Screen Protector 
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Aluminosilicate glass, layer against vacuum fingerprints by electrolysis. 2.5D frame silkscreen, thickness 0.33mm. Hard crystalline coating surface,
more effective resistance to corrosion and wear. Pure colors, uniform light scattering, effective capture and UV filtering, without sunlight reflections.
The nano coating technology, the soft texture, the resistance against oils and fingerprints, keep the screen clean like new. Gentle touch and unparalleled sensitivity.



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