Battery for Apple iPhone 11, with built in Flex for BMS (no spot welding needed)

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Battery for Apple iPhone 11

Replacing the battery on the phone without triggering the "unoriginal battery" error message is possible with the new BMS flex strip battery.
This maintains compatibility with the Battery Management System (BMS) of the original battery.
You only need to connect the original BMS strip to the battery's BMS flex strip.



- Lithium-ion battery
- No welding contacts required
- 0 charging cycles
- Eliminates the non-original battery detection error

Attention: Installation must be performed by an authorized GSM service technician. Improper installation will void the product warranty.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Turn off the mobile device.

  2. Remove the display module from the mobile device.

  3. Disconnect the original battery connector from the motherboard and remove the battery from the device.

  4. Remove the black adhesive from the base of the original battery to access the BMS flex strip.

  5. Use a thin, sharp tool (ceramic scissors or blades) to cut the connections between the BMS flex strip and the original battery (the metal parts). Do not use non-ceramic tools to avoid short circuits. Be careful not to puncture the battery cell or cut the BMS flex strip.

  6. Do not dispose of the battery. Take it to a specialized battery collection center.

  7. Place the yellow adhesive tape (included in the package) on the back of the BMS flex tape. Remove the protective film and fix it on the lower part (original position of the BMS flex tape) of the new battery. Press firmly to ensure a proper grip.
  9. Bend the FPC connector of the BMS flex strip, orienting it to the corresponding FPC connector on the new battery.

  10. Firmly connect the two FPC connectors (between the BMS flex strip from the original battery and the BMS flex strip from the new battery).

  11. Use the original black adhesive to cover the BMS flex tape.

  12. Connect the battery connector to the motherboard of the mobile device.

  13. Do not turn on the mobile device using the power button.

  14. Connect the device to a power source using a charging cable and let it turn on automatically.

  15. Disconnect the device from the power source.

  16. Press and hold the power button to turn off the device completely.

  17. Restart the device by pressing the power button.

  18. Check if the battery has been calibrated correctly by checking the health settings in the mobile device menu.

  19. If no errors appear, turn off the device and proceed to fix the battery according to the normal procedure.


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