Apple Airpods 3 (2021) MME73ZM/A

Manufacturer: Apple
EAN: 194252818527
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  • White
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Eu Blister

All-new design

AirPods are lightweight and offer a contoured design.
They sit at just the right angle for comfort and to better direct audio to your ear.
The stem is 33 per cent shorter than AirPods (2nd generation) and includes a force sensor to easily control music and calls.

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking

Sound is placed all around you to create an immersive, three-dimensional listening experience for music, TV shows and movies.
Gyroscopes and accelerometers in AirPods work together to track your head movements — so it sounds like you’re in the centre of songs and scenes.

Adaptive EQ

Music is automatically tuned to suit the shape of your ear.
Inward-facing microphones detect what you’re hearing, then adjust low- and mid-range frequencies to deliver the rich details in every song.

Sweat and water resistant
Both AirPods and the MagSafe Charging Case are rated IPX4 water resistant - so they’ll withstand anything from rain to heavy workouts.


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