REALME TWS Air Pro White RLMRMA21QWHT (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: REALME
EAN: 6941399021280
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  • White
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Eu Blister

Realme TWS Air Pro - White

Recommended for most Android Bluetooth mobile devices with HS, HF, A2DP audio profile.

Transparency mode: switch to listening to music while listening to the outside (such as a car, a person addressing you).
The active hybrid system combines two frequencies with the help of built-in microphones and manages to reduce noise up to 35 dB.

The integrated Realme chip accurately calculates the noise and cancels it out in real time.

Noise Canceling Algorithm algorithm significantly manages to cancel out background noise, making your voice heard clearly during a call.
You enjoy deep bass and highlighted by 10 mm Bass Boost drivers along with advanced DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) technology.

For example, you can feel the vibration of electronic and rock concerts anywhere and anytime.


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