Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm BT Silver SM-R880NZSAEUE

Manufacturer: Samsung
EAN: 8806092557567
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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm BT Silver

Some looks are timeless, like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic's rotating bezel and vivid screen.

Track your fitness progress with our first smartwatch that conveniently measures body composition.

The refined design brings sophistication to your wrist, and its high-end stainless steel materials express its powerful and intuitive functionality.
Choose between analogue or digital watch faces with a variety of backgrounds, fonts and colours to match your tastes, the weather or the occasion.

Track your activities and fitness scores on your watch and phone. Count steps, check calories and stay on the grid with GPS.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic comes with Wear OS Powered by Samsung, giving you seamless connection with Samsung Galaxy devices.
The sleep tracker detects and holistically analyses your sleep stages while you rest. Improved measuring options let you check your blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns (not saying you do).


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