USB 3.0 Card Reader Lenovo Thinkplus TC102, 3in1, Black

Manufacturer: Lenovo
EAN: 6973037703852
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • USB 3.0 Card Reader
  • Thinkplus TC102
  • Black


  • Retail
USB 3.0 Card Reader
Lenovo Thinkplus TC102 - Black

The Lenovo Thinkplus TC102 card reader offers multifunctionality by enabling the reading of CF/TF/SD cards along with a USB 3.0 port.
It operates without the need for additional power, ensuring utmost convenience and ease of use.
With its compact design, it is suitable for use anytime, anywhere, and is effortlessly portable.



- Interface: USB 3.0
- Theoretical transmission speed: 5Gbps
- Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 14mm
- Supported card types: TF, SD, CF (read/write for a single card)
- Maximum capacity: 2TB


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