Complaints handling regulations


General provisions

1. The terms referred to here in below shall have the following meaning:

Warrantor - Mobiparts SRL;

Goods Under Complaint - goods covered by the warranty;

Entrepreneur - an entity conducting business or professional activities.

2. Complaint reporting

Complaints should be reported only via completing the warranty form at this adress

3. Shipping

After the form is accepted the Entrepreneur should send the Goods Under Complaint to the following address:

Democratiei street, No 6 - 8, City of Constanta, Postal Code 900034, Country Romania

Laurentiu Olaru (Complaint Department)

4. The Entrepreneur should attach the following items to the Goods Under Complaint:

- a copy of the document confirming the purchase of the goods;

- all elements of the set the goods were purchased with (e.g. a phone with a charger, a power supply with a network cable, etc.) if the set was purchased as a unit product.

5. Before sending the Goods Under Complaint, the Entrepreneur should make sure it has a back-up of the data stored thereon. The Warrantor shall not be liable for any damage and loss resulting from the data loss.

6. The package should be properly protected for the transport period, i.e. the Goods Under Complaint should be packed in a manner not indicating the content of the package and properly protected against any damage.

7. Terms and conditions of the warranty

8. Information about the warranties and the period of their validity for particular products can be found on the website in the information about goods.

9. The warranty does not apply to:

- factory features of the product;

- goods with an expired warranty period;

- products with visible signs of tampering that are not in line with their intended use;

- products that have mechanical damage;

- products with natural wear and tear created during their use;

- exhausted or worn out products;

- products that have been modified or damaged as a result of a repair performed by the Entrepreneur or another third party;

- products that have not been provided with the defect descriptions are not subject to complaint and shall be sent back at the Entrepreneur's expense;

- damages to goods that were or could have been made as a result of improper protection of the goods while they were shipped from the Entrepreneur to the Complaint Department;

- products that have been identified to have their seals or markings allowing for assessment of their origin or verification of their serial numbers missing or damaged;

- products in which the Warrantor found a defect made by fault of the Entrepreneur, such as e.g. dampness, exposure to chemicals, unauthorised tampering by e.g. repair at unauthorised service centres, incorrect use, incorrect operation, change to the software.

10. If the complaint is accepted, the Warrantor shall:

-provide the Entrepreneur with the goods that are free from defects (replaced or repaired);

-or issue a corrective invoice for the goods to the invoice indicated by the Entrepreneur (as long as it is in the warranty period)—if no document is indicated, the Complaint Department shall issue a corrective invoice to any document under which the goods were purchased.

11. Deadlines

The Entrepreneur's complaint submitted under warranty shall be handled by the Warrantor within 30 days from the date of its receipt.

12. Final provisions

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of the Romanian Civil Code shall apply.

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