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Manufacturer: vivo
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Bluetooth Handsfree
Vivo TWS 2 ANC - Starry Blue

Smart and dynamic noise cancellation to block out ambient noise.
Immersive DEEP-HD Audio for precise, superior sound.
Feather-light weight and fits comfortably in the ear with a barely there feel.
Get ready to enter a new realm of sound quality.

You will never want to take them off

Vivo's first-ever active noise-canceling earbuds have arrived.
Their carefully engineered design - from shape to size to weight - was born from thousands of user feedback.
All so you get the compact package and comfortable fit.
Every curve and the weight of every component was given careful thought.
You will love how the smooth, streamlined shape of the G3 curvature conforms to the contours of your ears. Put them on - at 4.7 grams, you will hardly remember they were there.

Make your ears "breathe" freely.

Choose from three sizes of soft, flexible ear tips to get that perfect fit for your ears.
An innovative vent design, as well as clever front and rear chamber flow, help equalize pressure.
Wear them in ear and enjoy comfort like never before.
An advanced acoustic design, chip and algorithm come together not only to bring about exceptional noise cancellation
but intelligently adjust the degree of cancellation as well. Give your ears a much-needed respite from all the noise.

A single tap to mute unwanted noise

These earbuds continuously detect external sound and emit precise sound waves to counter the noise.
Up to 40dB of noise can be eliminated. Enjoy your world in peace, regardless of how loud the air conditioner gets or how busy traffic is.

Set noise cancellation in auto transmission

A superior, intelligent algorithm senses changes in ambient noise and how you wear your earbuds and automatically adjusts the degree of noise cancellation.
Or manually choose from three levels: high, normal, and low. From the library to the street, it is always as quiet as it needs to be.
Hear the world around you by activating Transparency Mode with a single tap. It lets outside sound in as if you do not have your earbuds on.
Chat with people beside you without taking the earbuds off, and never miss key messages being broadcast while on the go.

Clear conversations that cut through the noise

Two external beamforming microphones pinpoint and eliminate background noise. Another internal microphone with a high SNR picks up your voice.
Besides, an all-new duct improves wind noise reduction by 148%. So even if you find yourself in a noisy setting, running or even biking outside, your voice is clearly picked up.

Where dreams in sound are celebrated and realized

From the legendary creators of Hi-Fi audio on mobile phones, vivo Golden Ears Acoustics Lab has tested over 10 different materials,
done extensive user research, and conducted nearly 20 rounds of sound quality tuning. Everything has been carefully crafted, just so good sound resonates with you.
The secret to great sound quality lies in Immersive DEEP-HD Audio.
It uses high bandwidth and HD audio codec to simultaneously increase the transmission bandwidth and bit rate.
It is like having a highway for wireless audio that easily delivers more details, with the same clarity and smoothness even in complex environments.

Larger-than-life sound to boost your listening experience.

Groundbreaking acoustic design and innovative engineering come together in this compact space.
The customized 12.2mm super strong bass, coupled with a carbon fiber composite diaphragm, offers powerful bass, crisp mids and highs.
Indulge your ears every time you put on your earbuds.

Where musicians gather

This professional sound effect system is specially optimized for in-ear earbuds.
Three different sound effects were meticulously fine-tuned to perfection.
It is like having a team of world-class musicians come together to perform any music genre you like, just for you.

A Wireless Experience Like No Other

We continue to break the frontier of true wireless earbuds, and strive to bring you more intuitive interactions and a smarter experience.
From battery life, and connection to ease of use, TWS 2 ANC has once again attained new heights to stand out from the crowd.

Easily switch to whichever device you want

There is more than one way to experience the magic of these earbuds. Simultaneously connect to two devices, and switch between them automatically.
When you receive a call on your phone while connected to the video on your computer, TWS 2 ANC automatically streams your call,
then back to your computer after you hang up. It is perfectly seamless.

Keep up with the rhythm of the game at all times

Our very own dual coupled antennas, combined with multiple innovative wireless technologies, raises connection stability by 20%.
With a system fully optimized from phone to earbuds, the audio latency is as low as 88ms.
Stay on top of your game with picture and sound nearly in perfect sync.

Take control with an easy press

We redesigned how you interact with your earbuds by shifting the pressure sensors to the side of the handles, so it is easier for you to reach and pinch.
With a built-in precision sensor that picks up the tiniest (down to a micrometer) change in shape, every press does exactly what you want it to do.

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- Earphone Dimensions: 23.8 x 22.2 x 30.2mm
- Charging Case Dimensions: 60.0 x 24.3 x 45.4mm
- Total Weight: Approximately 41.9g
- Earphone Weight: Approximately 4.7g
- Dustproof and Waterproof: IP54
- Sound Unit: 12.2mm voice coil
- Earphone Shape: In-ear
- Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20KHz
- Codec: aptX Adaptive/AAC/SBC
- Microphones: Three microphones
- Latency: 88ms minimum
- Bluetooth version: v5.2
- ANC: High/Normal/Low, Smart and Dynamic, Transparency Mode
- Google Fast Pair: Supported
- Control: Pressure (press/long press) + Touch (slide)
- Charging port: USB Type-C
- Battery capacity (earphone): 43mAh
- Battery capacity (case): 485mAh
- Charging time: 110 min (with case), 60 min (earphones only)
- Battery life: ANC off - up to 7.3 hours, or 29 hours with case
- Battery life: ANC on - up to 4.1 hours on a single charge
- Input: 5V/0.7A
- Output: 5V/0.3A 


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