General information

1. These terms and conditions specify the conditions and possibilities to make purchases on the B2B sales platform available on the Internet site https://www.mobiparts.ro. The terms and conditions contain also provisions governing the delivery of products offered on the sales platform.

B2B sales Platform – also known as ”platform”.

1.1. On the B2B sales platform available at https://www.mobiparts.ro/ purchases can be made by legal persons recorded in registration systems for economic operators in accordance with applicable law. The above mentioned economic operators must at the same time be registered contractors of the Mobiparts SRL  company.

1.2. Registration can be done by filling out the registration form, at the following address https://www.mobiparts.ro/authentication and sending the necessary documents, proving economic activity.

1.3. All information concerning personal data protection can be found in the Privacy and Cookie Policy. 

2. Orders can be placed:

Online via email using a Purchase Order

Online through the platform

e-mail: info @ mobiparts.ro

website: https://mobiparts.ro

3. Product prices are visible for registered Contractors after previously logging in to the website.

Forms of payment

4. Contractors of Mobiparts.ro have the following forms of payment at their disposal:

4.1. Prepayment – to the bank account of Mobiparts SRL specified when placing the order.

4.2 Traditional transfer – to the account number indicated on the invoice respecting the credit limit and the payment terms from the Signed Contract

Forms and times of deliveries

5. The goods Ordered by contractors in Mobiparts Platform are shipped through the following courier companies:

DHL (prepayment, traditional transfer)

TNT (prepayment, traditional transfer)

6. The current status of the shipped order can be tracked by logging into the website under the tab My account.

Costs of shipments 

7. Shipping cost for orders exceeding 1500 € net is 0 €.

8. In the case of orders not exceeding 1000 € net shipping cost is 25 EURO, but in special condition it can be determined individually with the Contractor depending on their country of residence or shipping address.

Minimum delivery requirement

9. Minimum executed wholesale order value: 500 € net.

10. The delivery requirement threshold may be set individually for the contractor.

Additional provisions

11. All information regarding the conditions and complaint procedures are available in the Complaint Section and https://www.mobiparts.ro/my-account/returns-and-warranties.

12. The presented goods and services do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The presentation is only an invitation to negotiations (in accordance with the Civil Code.). In case of any doubt please contact the Customer Service before placing an order. We reserve the right not to execute an order for important economic reasons.

13. Due to the nature of sales (B2B model, addressed only to entities referred to in point 1.1 of these Regulations), the Contractor is not able to exercise the right to withdraw from a distance contract, unless the provisions of contracts concluded individually with the Contractor they state otherwise.

14. Despite making reasonable efforts, Mobiparts.ro cannot guarantee that the published technical data, descriptions, pictures and specifications of products visible in the store do not contain any deficiencies or errors. Possible non-conformities cannot be the basis for any claims by the Contractor.

Final provisions

15. These terms and conditions shall apply from 01 January 2021.

16. Mobiparts SRL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without having to give any specific reasons. The introduced amendments come into force from the date of their publication on the site Mobiparts.ro in the tab Terms and Regulations.

17. In case of any questions regarding these terms and conditions, any comments should be sent to the address: info @ mobiparts.ro.

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