Yeelight Wireless Smart Switch Light Remote Control, Two Button, White (EU Blister) YLKG13YL

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Yeelight Wireless Smart Switch Light Remote Control (Two Buttons) - White

With the help of the Yeelight Switch, you can control the lights anytime, anywhere.

Smart mode

Turn the screw on the back of the switch to make it pop up and change to Smart mode,
which rebounds like a doorbell.

Traditional mode

Press the screw behind the switch and tighten it to transform it into a normal rocket switch, which can also control traditional lamps.

No additional wiring required

Direct placement of the traditional 86 box switch.

Precision mechanical design

The Yeelight Switch has been submitted to over 40000 openings and closings
so that it can withstand use for a long period of time.

External power switch

The Smart mode can also switch the power off, you just need to push the switch gently.
Convenient and quick.

Eco-friendly brass base + sterling silver contacts

Pure silver has better conductivity, is less prone to oxidation, reduces electric sparks caused by poor contacts
and has a longer service life.


- Dimensions: 86 x 86mm
- Two buttons

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