Dash Camera 70mai Omni 360 X200, 1080P, 64Gb, Wi-Fi, GPS, AI, Control Vocal, 1.2inch LCD Black X200-64-BK

Manufacturer: 70mai
EAN: 6971669781354
PN: X200-64-BK
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Dash Camera
  • Black
  • Omni


  • Retail
Dash Camera 70mai Omni 360 X200 - Black

Driven by a stepping motor, Omni smoothly rotates 340 degrees, offering a 140 degrees lens FOV.
This makes Omni the pioneer in 360 degrees rotating dash cams, eliminating blind spots and reducing image distortion.
Easily pan the lens to monitor all directions around your vehicle.

AI Collision Detection

Omni promptly identifies impacts during parking, turning towards the impact's direction to record.
It captures evidence not only in front but also behind and on the sides of the car.

AI Motion Detection

Featuring AI motion detection, Omni identifies suspicious human activities near the car.
It activates recording upon detecting potential threats, providing hard evidence of break-ins or emergencies.

Outstanding Day & Night Optical Performance

With an F1.5 large aperture, Omni captures natural light, recording well-illuminated and color-accurate footage akin to virtual eye imaging, day or night.

Lane Departure Alert

Alerts you when drifting from the current lane.

*ADAS voice alerts can be turned off in system settings.

Front Car Alert

Warns when too close to the vehicle ahead.

*ADAS voice alerts can be turned off in system settings.

Pedestrian Alert

Notifies when too close to pedestrians or bikers.

*ADAS voice alerts can be turned off in system settings.

Track Your Route

After each trip, Omni automatically generates and syncs a route-tracking map to the 70mai App, serving as travel proof and aiding route optimization.
Omni's GPS logs real-time coordinates during driving, precisely locating you in emergencies.
Locate your car effortlessly with Omni, especially in crowded parking lots.
Paired with the 4G hardwire kit, it provides real-time car location and walking navigation via the app.
Real-time driving route tracking is also available remotely with 4G connectivity.

*These features require the 4G hardwire kit, which is sold separately and is available in select countries.
**Real-time location updates every 15 seconds. This feature is currently limited to 15 activations per month.

Voice Control

Omni features voice control for added convenience, enabling simple commands without distracting from driving.

*Voice control is currently available in English only.

MaiX In-Car AI Mate

MaiX, 70mai's mascot, resides in Omni, responding with Maix emojis and interactive features.
The LED glow ring indicates Omni's status and warns of suspicious targets.

Enhanced Convenience with 4G Connectivity

The 4G hardwire kit expands Omni's remote control capabilities.
With Omni's 4G hardwire kit, remotely operate and monitor your vehicle while away.

Instant App Alert

The 4G hardwire kit enables Omni's parking surveillance system to notify you instantly of suspicious events or collisions via the app.


- Product Size: 51.5x51.5x93.2mm
- Display Screen Size: 1.2 Inch
- Display Screen Material: IPS
- Display Screen Resolution: 240x240P
- Video Resolution: 1920x1080P
- Image Sensor: OS02K10
- Aperture: F1.5
- Frame Rate: 60 FPS/30 FPS
- Frame Frequency: 50Hz/55Hz/60Hz
- Lens FOV: 140 degrees
- Processor: NT96580
- Battery: 300mAh
- Built-in GPS Module: Yes

Package contents:

- 1 x Dash Camera 70mai Omni 360 X200
- 1 x Electrostatic Sticker
- 1 x Power Cable
- 1 x Adapter
- 1 x Bracket


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