Gel Pen Xiaomi Mi, 10-Pack, Transparent BHR4603GL

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
EAN: 6934177723650
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Gel Pen
  • Mi
  • Transparent


  • Retail

Can write four times the durability of a conventional gel pen
Direct Injection Ink Storage with Enhanced Capacity


MiKuni ink imported from Japan.
Solid, vibrant colors, seamless, uninterrupted ink flow
The design ensures high ink flow for more consistent writing. The pen glides smoothly across the page. The ink does not go through the paper. Use the Mi High-capacity Ink Pen in your daily life to write, doodle or create a bullet journal

Fast drying and stain resistant
Carefully formulated pigment ink ensures cleaner paper as you write, preventing smudging. It is long lasting, resists fading and staining on contact with water. Suitable for important occasions such as signing documents and exams

High quality, spring loaded bullet pen.
Smooth writing without leaking
0.5mm bullet tip, made by Swiss Mikron machines, are reliable, durable and accurate. A spring built into the tip of the pen presses the ball against the opening when placed in a horizontal position, to ensure a proper seal, effectively preventing ink leakage. The pen will not dry out easily even if the cap is lost.

Write for long periods of time without getting tired.
The partially transparent tube design indicates the remaining ink level at a glance and has a non-slip grip. Each pen weighs 8.5g(3), for a lightweight feel without putting pressure on your hand.


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