Front Cover Privacy Screen Protector Baseus Diamond for Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max P60057405203-03

Manufacturer: Baseus
EAN: 6932172642624
PN: P60057405203-03
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Front Cover
  • Privacy
  • Diamond
  • Tempered Glass


  • Retail
Front Cover Privacy Screen Protector Baseus Diamond
for Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Ensure top-notch protection for your phone with Baseus brand tempered glass, tailored for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Boasting exceptional durability, it protects your device from potential damage, alleviating worries about its safety.
Plus, the integrated privacy filter safeguards your screen from prying eyes, offering peace of mind.

Reliable Damage Protection

Protect your phone with Baseus tempered glass, renowned for its 9H hardness, providing robust defense against impacts.
Its scratch-resistant surface offers enduring protection against daily wear, preserving your phone's pristine appearance.
Moreover, its high light transmission maintains the quality of displayed images without compromise.

Privacy Assurance

Rest assured with tempered glass featuring a privacy filter, ensuring confidentiality by limiting screen visibility to a narrow angle of 28 degrees.
While you enjoy unhindered viewing, bystanders perceive only a darkened screen,
shielding sensitive information from unwanted scrutiny.

Tailored Fit for iPhone

Baseus tempered glass perfectly covers the iPhone 15 15 Pro Max screen, safeguarding every edge without compromising compatibility with any case.
Its ultra-thin design ensures user comfort and maintains responsive touch functionality. Additionally,
it seamlessly integrates with the facial recognition system, ensuring uninterrupted performance.
The glass is further enhanced with a fingerprint-resistant coating,
facilitating easy maintenance of a pristine screen.


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