Leather Case with MagSafe for Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Ink MPPJ3ZM/A

Manufacturer: Apple
EAN: 194253345602
Packaging: Retail


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General Info

  • Back Case
  • Genuine Leather
  • Ink


  • Retail

Leather Case with MagSafe for Apple iPhone 14 Pro - Ink

Designed by Apple to complement iPhone 14 Pro, the Leather Case with MagSafe is a delightful way to give your iPhone extra protection while adding style.
Made from specially tanned and finished leather, the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time.
The case quickly snaps into place and fits snugly over your iPhone without adding bulk.
With built-in magnets that align perfectly with iPhone 14 Pro, the case offers a magical attach and detach experience, every time.
The perfectly aligned magnets make wireless charging faster and easier than ever before.
And when it's time to charge, just leave the case on your iPhone and snap on your MagSafe charger, or set it on your Qi-certified charger.
Like every Apple-designed case, it undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process.
So not only does it look great, it's built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.
This case is made with high-quality, supple leather to protect your iPhone.
Leather is a natural material and, like a fine leather belt, it may show creases, marks or a patina over time.
Interaction with MagSafe accessories will leave slight imprints. 


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