Unique Droid Bumper Case for OnePlus 9 Pro, Silver 5431100218

Manufacturer: OnePlus
EAN: 6921815614876
PN: 5431100218
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Back Case
  • Plastic
  • Silver


  • Retail

Unique Bumper Case OnePlus Droid

OnePlus 9 Pro

Unique case with an engraved droid (without the artificial intelligence :)
Thanks to the bumpers on the side, it offers a solid grip that does not slip from the hand.
The bumpers will absorb the impact of a fall and disipate the shock, leading to less probability of damage.

Unique design for any every day use that absorbs shocks and protects against dust, scratches and bumps.

Dressed buttons and perfect cuts around the ports, for extra protection and refinement.

Easy to install and remove, without scratching or damaging your phone in any way.

Raised edges for screen and camera to protect against hard surfaces.


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