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JIMI Home Cutter JM-G12013 - Grey

This multifunctional knife with a breaking blade will be a very useful tool in many situations.
It can easily cut plastic, cardboard, aluminum, PVC flooring and PVC carpet. It is made of ABS plastic, so it is light and durable and there is room for spare blades inside.

 The blade is extendable. Just press the button on the bottom of the blade and slide it out.
This is useful when the tip of the knife has become blunt or when you need a larger blade surface, e.g. when cutting mineral wool.
Sharp and comfortable

The blades are made of high carbon premium steel and are divided into 8 parts that can break. Cuts can be made in any vertical and horizontal space.

Additional blades 

By removing the stop at the bottom you will have access to the spare blades.
In addition, the stopper helps you to break the tip of the knife effectively, even with work gloves, minimizing the chance of injury.

Knife length 167 mm
2 + 1 blades (1 mounted, 2 in the spare compartment)

Product: Utility Knife
Model: JM-G12013
Blade Size: 108 × 18 × 0.5 mm
Blade Material: SK2 High Carbon Steel
Handle Size: 167 × 26 × 15mm
Handle Material: ABS
Weight: 77.5 g

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