Universal Glue Cellphone Repair Zhanlida B-7000, 50ml, Clear

Manufacturer: Zhanlida
EAN: 5901854606002
PN: B7000/50

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General Info

  • Universal Glue Cellphone Repair
  • B-7000
  • Clear


  • Bulk

Zhanlida Cellphone Repair Adhesives E-7000 50ml

E-7000 Contact adhesive can be used on many materials but Zhanlida recommend it as the staple choice
for cloth goods, fibre products, diamond, acrylic, metal, glass, ceramic, its solid content, curing time and viscosity make it a great strong adhesive.

Water resistant
No powder residue
Quick and easy to clean overspill
Quick cures in 3-5 minutes (depending on material)
Precision applicator with pin-in-lid design to prevent blockage.


Colour: Clear
Cured Hardness: 75-83A
Solid Content: 38% - 45%
Temperature range: -35°c - +90°c
Size / Liquid measurement: 50ML
Concentration / Viscosity: 5500mpa.s
Curing time: 3-5 Minutes (Quick) 24-48 Hours (Full)

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