Huawei FreeBuds 5, Silver Frost 55036454

Manufacturer: Huawei
EAN: 6941487277506
PN: 55036454
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • FreeBuds 5
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Yes
  • Silver Frost


  • Retail
Huawei FreeBuds 5 - Silver Frost (55036454)

Seamless Curves for Optimal Fit. Ultra Magnetic Driver with Punchy Bass.

Handsfree Huawei FreeBuds 5 Silver Frost 55036454 (EU Blister)

Reasons to Love them

Ahead of the Curve Aesthetics

These earbuds are meant to dazzle and bring melody brimming to the surface, with mesmerizing curves and mind-blowing capabilities.


Sound meets Sensation

Each pair of earbuds has been crafted to provide an ultimate level of comfort, thanks to their breathable open-fit design,
fine-tuned by tens of thousands of egonomic simulations.

Elegant as Ever and an Open-and-Shut Case

Bask in the glow of a stunning matte case that's gracefully curved, comfortable to touch, and opens and closes with ease.

Sterling Sound

Ultra Magnetic Driver
Bass that Bowls You Over

Two Magnetic Circuits.
HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 is 30% more sensitive at low frequencies than HUAWEI FreeBuds 4,
and produces robust bass that drops as low as 16 Hz.

Bass Turbo Technology

These earbuds pack even more punch, by boosting airflow while reducing the resistance the diaphragm experiences during vibrations,
thanks to proprietary tech and a custom tube.

Ultra Wide Frequency Adaptive EQ
For Your Ears Alone

HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 adjusts the sound by accounting for fit, wearing status, and volume level - all the way from 100 Hz to 2000 Hz,
to provide a personalized listening experience full of passion and pizzazz.

HWA and Hi-Res Certified
Every Note - Ever Faithful

HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 supports blazing-high transmissions of up to 990 kbps, thanks to LDAC high-resolution codec support,
as well as Hi-Res and HWA Audio Wireless certifications.

Tunes Out Noise

Open-fit ANC 3.0
Designed for Comfortable, Immersive Listening

HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 is adept at tuning out your surroundings from the glamour of a caffe to the roar of the road,
thanks to three mics, which take fit, wearing status, and ambient noise into account.

AI Call Noise Cancellation
Be Heard Loud and Clear

The earbuds come with three microphones and a deep neural network (DNN) algorithm to enhance your voice
and reduce background chatter, so that every call is as clear as can be.

More Power, Less Charging

Charging the earbuds in the case for 5 minutes allows you to listen uninterrupted for up to 2 hours.
The earbuds support up to 5 hours of listening on a full charge, and up to 30 hours of listening, with multiple charges in the case.

Everything at Your Fingertips

Answer calls, adjust the volume, and manage playback without having to fiddle around on your phone,
just by swiping or tapping the touch sensor area.

A Little Wet? Don't Sweat!

Plunge into intensive workouts and light rain, with IP54 dust- and splash-resistance,
without ever having to worry about damaging your earbuds.

Smart Listening


- Dimensions earbuds: Length: 32.4 mm +- 0.5 mm
Width: 17.6 mm +- 0.5 mm
Thickness: 22.8 mm +- 0.5 mm
Weight: 5.4 g +- 0.3 g
- Dimensions charging case: Length: 66.6 mm +- 0.5 mm
Width: 50.1 mm +- 0.5 mm
Thickness: 27.3 mm +- 0.5 mm
Weight: 45 g +- 1 g
- Speaker: 11 mm dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit
- Frequency response range: 16 Hz to 40 kHz
- Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2
- Proximity pairing prompt: supported
- Wear detection: supported
- Dual-connection: supported
- Battery capacity: 42 mAh for the earbuds (minimum value for a single earbud) and 505 mAh for the charging case (minimum value)
- Charging mode: Wired charging for the charging case: USB Type-C
- The charging case supports wireless charging
- Charging the earbuds with the charging case: 20 minutes
- Charging the empty charging case with a cable: 40 minutes
- Charging the empty charging case wirelessly: 240 minutes
- Battery life:
Music playback with the earbuds only (noise cancellation off): 5 hours
Music playback with the earbuds only (noise cancellation on): 3.5 hours
Music playback with multiple charges in the case (noise cancellation off): 30 hours
Music playback with multiple charges in the case (noise cancellation on): 20 hours
- Sensor: Accelerometer/Infrared sensor/Hall sensor/Touch sensor
- Audio Technology: Dynamic EQ/ANC/Call noise cancellation
- Device control: Press and hold, Swipe up or down, Double-tap
- IP rating:
Earbuds: IP54 dust- and splash-resistance
Charging case: not water-resistant

Packing list:

- Earbud (left and right)
- Charging case
- Quick Start Guide & Safety information
- Warranty card 
- USB Type-C charging cable
- Ear tip: 1 set


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