Realme Buds Air 3, White RMA2105

Manufacturer: Realme
EAN: 6941399054196
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Buds Air 3
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Yes
  • White


  • Retail

Realme Buds Air 3 - White

Realme buds air 3 is the ultimate escape with its noise-canceling technology, powerful battery, water resistance, modern design, and customized audio tuning.

Powerful 42dB noise cancellation

With Realme handsfree, you can cancel the outside world with its industry-leading noise cancellation.
Whether you are on a flight, in the city streets, or in a noisy office, now you can always find peace.
Listen to music by choosing a scenario that fits where you are: subway, streets, coffee shop, or airport.

ANC technology

Active noise canceling is amazing but can easily be affected by wind, as wind-induced diaphragm vibrations disturb the system. Realme Buds Air 3 is equipped with advanced smart De-wind technology to give you all-around better noise cancellation.
Moreover, dual microphones provide a powerful noise reduction system that is supported by an environmental noise cancellation algorithm. Together, they significantly reduce surrounding noise during calls, so you can be fully immersed in the conversation.

30 hours of battery life

Enjoy your favorite music for longer.
Realme Buds Air 3 has a super-long battery life that gives you 7 hours of single playback.
With the charging case, the total playback time can reach up to 30 hours.
You can listen to 4 hours of music every day and enjoy week-long playback without having to recharge, making the earbuds ideal for carrying while on the go.

Incredible sound

A 10mm large sound unit with a premium LCP diaphragm with high elasticity designed for superior, more precise audio, all inside a tiny body. Enjoy an incredible sound experience with clear vocals and powerful bass, all thanks to the superior LCP material.

Your dependable gaming assistant

With Game Mode activated, latency can be as low as 88ms, for satisfying synced audio.
Bluetooth 5.2 offers an ultra-stable connection and a strong wired-like transmission, effectively minimizing lag while offering a stable connection.
Whether you're watching movies or gaming, you can count on super-synchronized audio and video.

Transparency Mode

Chat freely with your buds!
Turn on Transparency Mode to let in clear and accurate sound from your surroundings, so you can easily have a conversation without taking them out.

Control at your fingertips

Smart touch controls make everything easier. Pause, take calls, adjust volume, and more with just a few simple gestures.

Transition freely between two devices

The Buds Air 3 can pair simultaneously with 2 devices, so when you are watching videos on your tablet, you can seamlessly switch to your phone when taking a call.


- Noise canceling technology: ANC and ENC - Environment Noise Cancellation
- Bluetooth version: 5.2
- Water resistant: IPx5
- Weight: Earphones: 4.2g
- Dynamic driver size: 10mm
- Audio codecs: AAC, SBC
- Battery life: up to 7 hours (up to 30 hours with case)
- Charging time: 100 min for a full charge

Package contents:

- Earbuds ×2 (left ×1 and right ×1)
- Type-C charging cable x1
 -Charging case ×1
- User guide and warranty card ×1
- Silicone earbud tips: 3 pairs (L/M/S) (M tips installed by default)
- Info card ×1

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