Haylou GS LS09A, Black

Manufacturer: Haylou
EAN: 6971664931310
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • GS LS09A
  • Circle
  • 1.28inch
  • Black
  • Android
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Accelerometer
    Heart Rate
  • Silicone
  • Yes


  • Retail

Haylou GST Smart Watch

Simplicity is the Essence.

Compact Body

The Haylou GST watch weighs only 42g and is designed specifically for sports.
Easily check information with the 1.69 inches large touch control display.

Variable Watch Faces

Watch faces are continuously updated on the APP to meet diversified aesthetics.
Customize the Haylou GST's watch face with your favorite picture.

Exercise Data Recording

Record steps, distances, calories, and other exercise data in real-time all day long.
Set daily exercise goals and try to realize them.

12 Workout Modes

The Haylou GST watch provides 12 built-in workout modes, covering the needs of most workout enthusiasts and recording different workout information.

SpO2 Tracking

Haylou GST supports testing your blood oxygen level at any time, so you can better understand your physical condition.

* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.

White-collars / students

You feel sleepy and tired from prolonged, high-intensity use of the brain.

Sports enthusiast

Fatigue or dizziness caused by excessive exercise.

People who snore

Poor breathing causes decreased blood oxygen fend affects sleep quality.

All-day Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day with your health in mind. View recent heart rate data through a mobile APP.

* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.

Smart Sleep Monitoring

Haylou GST automatically recognizes your sleep status and records data such as sleep duration and depth without setting it manually.

20 Days Battery Life

With one full charge, you can use the Haylou GST watch for more than 9 days in daily mode and about 20 days in extended battery life mode.

IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof

Haylou GST is IP68 waterproof and dustproof and can be worn for daily use. No need to worry about sweat and rain.

Life Assistant

Haylou GST is more than a watch. It is a good partner in the workplace and life with diversified functions that go with your phone.


 - Dimensions: 49.9 x 38.7 x 11.7mm
 - Strap width: 22mm
 - Watch weight (with strap): 42g
 - Display: 1.69 inches TFT display
 - Resolution: 240x280px
 - Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.1
 - Sensor: Heart rate sensor, motion sensor, blood oxygen sensor
 - Battery capacity: 220mAh
 - Compatibility: Android 6.0 and above; iOS 11.0 and above. Supported functions will vary with different watches, mobile phones, and countries
 - Battery life: Approx. 9 days - 24 hours heart rate monitoring
 - Waterproof grade: IP68
 - Working temperature: -0°C~40°C
 - Synchronous data platform: Haylou Fun
 - Workout modes: Outdoor running, indoor running, fast walking, cycling, climbing, spinning, yoga, free training, rowing, gymnastics, basketball, football


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