Wall Charger Samsung, 25W, 3A, 1 x USB-C, Black EP-T2510NBEGEU

Manufacturer: Samsung
EAN: 8806094912128
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Wall Charger
  • 1 x USB-C
  • 25W
  • 3A
  • Yes
  • Super Fast Charge
  • Black


  • Retail
Wall Charger Samsung - Black

The new wall charger supplies your workstation with Super Fast Charging of up to 25 W,
for compatible devices with USB Type-C cables.

* Super Fast Charging (SFC) is Samsung's charging method based on Power Delivery 3.0.
** SFC is supported for Galaxy Note (Note10 and later), Galaxy S Series (S10 5G and later) and other SFC-compatible devices.
*** For best results, please use with genuine Samsung cables, which can be purchased separately.

Compact, but powerful

They are getting smaller and smaller. The main charger, available in Black and White,
it is now thinner and easier to use on trips than its predecessor, thanks to GaN Tech.

* A GaN charger is smaller and more energy efficient due to its material, gallium nitride instead of silicon.
**GaN technology may not be available, depending on the country or region where it was purchased.

Savings in stand-by

It is not always used to its full potential. The charger reduces standby power to a minimum, from 20mW to 5mW, maximizing your energy savings by up to 75%.
It's also made from a planet-conscious mix of materials, which doesn't keep you from caring in more ways than one.

* The plastic in the former was created from recycled materials, which were validated by UL.
** The plastic part of the EP-T2510 contains at least 20% recycled material.

As sure, as fast

Nothing is more important. Beware of overcurrent, short circuits and high temperatures,
small leaks and many others.

Compatible with Type-C

Throw it in your device bag. Charging up to 25 W for the workstation and the multitude of Type-C compatible devices,
not to mention your Galaxy family.

*Actual charging speed may also vary based on actual usage, charging conditions, connected devices and other factors.


- Super Fast Charging max. 25W, PD 3.0 PPS max. 25W, Zero Standby Power Consumption (<5mW)
- Interface: USB Type-C
- Net dimensions (W x H x D): 38 x 22 x 66.94 mm 
- Weight (g): 51.6 g
- Input voltage: 100-240V
- Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge): 5 V 
- Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge): PDO: 9 V / PPS: 3.3-5.9 V or 3.3-11.0 V 
- Output Current (Max, Normal Charge): 3 A
- Output Current (Max, Fast Charge): PDO : 2.77 A(9 V) / PPS : 3.0 A(3.3-5.9 V) or 2.25 A(3.3-11.0 V)


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