Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8, Black BHR7165GL

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
EAN: 6941812722916
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General Info

  • Mi Smart Band 8
  • Black
  • Android
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
    Heart Rate


  • Retail

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 - Black BHR7165GL

The higher refresh rate provides an exceptionally smooth experience with very attractive controls and finger movements.
Every time you raise your wrist, the brightness adjusts to the perfect level that's optimal for your eyes.
Automatic and smooth brightness adjustment with precise adaptation to the environment.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8, Black BHR7165GL

Easily removable straps.
Completely redesigned with an elegant texture.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 has been enhanced with easy-to-remove wristbands that not only allow you to easily switch between different strap designs and materials,
but also remove the strap completely.

A wide range of quality belts.
Express your own style.

Easily detachable straps offer even more ways to enhance your style.
With a wide range of strap designs and materials - and even a new necklace design.

Leather belt
Classic design, fits with everything.

High-quality imported calf leather offers delicacy and comfort.
The green check pattern is a classic and versatile design for any hand.

Belt with two fastening elements
A special universal model.

You want something that reflects your style.
The black and white double pattern perfectly reflects your bold personality.
Whether you're dressing formal or casual, this version will make a big impression.

Leather and metal.

The elegant leather and metal bracelet is the main attraction of the series and transforms the metal watch into a fashionable chain bracelet.
The unique chain design not only makes the bracelet lighter and more comfortable, but its design will definitely make it your favorite accessory.

Braided belt.
A summer style all year round.

The lightweight, breathable, and minimalist braided belt is ideal for summer. It is available in vibrant yellow or subtle green.
You can choose whether you want to blend in with the crowd or stand out. High-quality leather and decorative rivets will perfectly complement your outfit.

An elegant and stylish keychain.

Taking the strap to a new level. The addition of a pendant with a beautiful matching necklace dial transforms the bracelet into a smart piece of jewelry.
All this while offering timing and step-counting functions.

The sports variant.

The soft, smooth, and water-resistant belt is the perfect accessory for all activities.
Whether you're strength training or swimming. Vibrant colors will easily match your sporty style.

Hundreds of trendy dials.
Express your unique style.

Over 200 new trendy watch faces with exclusive AOD displays provide a constant source of outfit inspiration.
With a wide range of straps, pendant accessories, and a range of official matching themes, you'll always find a unique combination to suit your style.

The running bracelet.
A professional approach to running.

Pill mode provides a more professional run analysis. The footwear mode offers 13 professional statistics as well as expert data interpretation.
 Xiaomi designed specialized accessories to further enhance your experience: the Running Clip allows you to easily attach the device to your laces.

Switch to shoe-mounted mode

The shoe-mounted mode can be activated from the wristband or from the Mi Fitness app.
Remove the regular bracelet strap, place it on the running clip, and attach it to your shoe laces.

Real-time monitoring, immediate adjustments

Start walking, running, or cycling with the Mi Fitness app.
As you run, you can check your pace, stride length, running style, and foot strike, making it easy to adjust and improve your running form.

Specialized data to get detailed progress

Once the execution is complete, all the data can be displayed in the application as well as the specialized indicators.
Interpreting data from the app will help you improve further.


It assesses your current state of physical vitality and converts it into a vitality score based on 7 days of moderate or vigorous activity.

Intelligent companion mode

Prefer to run with a partner? Smart Companion mode shows the difference between your position and the set pace.

Wrist Running Course

Choose from 10 built-in running courses with different training intensities depending on your fitness level and sports experience.

Bonus: fresh and imaginative themes.
Fight against boredom.

Don't let the small display fool you.
When boredom sets in, opt for a new watch face to get you out of boredom.

Smart connectivity with multiple screens.

Smartphone settings such as quick pairing, message notifications, silent mode, and scheduling can be instantly synced to the device.

Fast charging and exceptionally long battery life.
Availability to help throughout the day.

Thanks to the improved fast charging, the smart bracelet can be fully charged in just one hour.
In normal use, battery life extends to 16 days, while in AOD mode the watch lasts up to 6 days. It will gladly accompany you in your daily activities.

Up to 5 ATM.

Water resistant up to 5 ATM, so you don't have to take it off for a swim.


- Display type: AMOLED
- Screen diagonal: 1.62 inch
- Screen resolution: 192 × 490 px
- Screen refresh rate: 60 Hz
- Functions: Breathing assistant; Stress measurement; Stress monitoring; Blood oxygen monitoring throughout the day;
Tracking the quality of breathing during sleep; Heart rate monitor; Sleep monitoring
- Communication: Bluetooth 5.1 BLE
- Compatibility: iOS 12 and later; Android 6.0 and later
- Battery capacity: 190mAh
- Loading time: up to 1 hour
- Battery life: Up to 16 days in normal mode
- Adjustable strap length: 130-210 mm
- Luminosity: 600 nt Adjustable
-Material: TPU; Aluminum alloy
- Height: 48 mm
- Width: 22.5 mm
- Thickness: 11 mm
- Weight: 27g (with bracelet)
- Protection class: 5 ATMs
- Additional Information: 200+ watch faces; Magnetic contacts for charging; 3-axis acceleration sensor; 3-axis gyroscope
- App: Mi Fitness

Content package:

- Dedicated USB charging cable
- Belt
- Xiaomi Mi Smart Bend


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