OnePlus Buds Nord 2, White 5481129549

Manufacturer: OnePlus
EAN: 6921815623427
PN: 5481129549
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • Buds Nord 2
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Yes
  • White


  • Retail
OnePlus Buds Nord 2 White

Get in the groove.

OnePlus Buds Nord 2 White 5481129549 (EU Blister)

Big rhythm in da house!
Ride the wave

Our new BassWave algorithm dynamically enhances your sound for a balanced listening experience with deeper bass and crisp,
clear vocals to keep you dancing to the beat.

Feel the thunder

We hope you like rumbling bass because you are getting a full dose from the massive 12.4mm driver we put in Nord Buds 2.
These plus-sized drivers feature a larger diaphragm with titanium coating, which is tech speak for, they make everything sound clearer and heavier.
Titanized Diaphragm - Bold, crystal-clear, high-end sound.
N52 Magnets - Improved sensitivity and powerful sound output.
HTW Wire Coil - Great sound quality and longer design life.

Harmony unchained
WHAT?!? They added ANC?

Yeah. You read that correctly.
Nord Buds 2 are the first Fast and Smooth Nord audio product with up to 25dB of active noise cancellation to add a little more chill to your listening session.

Dual mics. Double clarity

Nord Buds dual-mic design and our AI Clear Calls algorithm work together to filter out background noise and make your calls crystal clear.

Hear more when you need it

Turn on Transparency mode to stay safe, aware, and engaged with the world around you.

Sounds too good to be true

These buds have cavities.
At first, we did not understand how Nord Buds individual rear cavity design works.
But our R&D guys told us it helps cut out background noise and grabs every detail of your audio for a beautiful, layered listening experience.
That is a cavity we can get behind!

Dolby + Dirac = Amazing!

Pair your Nord Buds 2 with your OnePlus phone to get ultra-immersive audio, thanks to Dolby Atmos sound and the built-in Dirac Audio Tuner.

Bow to the Master

Set your music to play your way with one of Sound Master equalizer's unique sound profiles Bold, Bass, and Serenade.

More time for groovin

Ready for your all-day jam session?
Nord Buds 2 has the battery life to keep up with a full day of grooving to your favorite tunes,
with 7 hours of listening time for the buds and up to 36 hours using the charging case.

Faster than the speed of sound

Get your Nord Buds 2 charged and ready to play in no time, with speedy fast charging that gives you five additional hours of listening time in just 10 minutes.

Stay dry and groovy

Dance your way through rainy days and sweaty workouts with Nord Buds IP55 sweat and water resistance rating.

Smooth design

Nord Buds 2 features a smooth, eye-catching design made from eco-friendly recycled materials, with tasteful speckled accents.


- Dimensions: Earbuds: 2.75 x 2.105 x 2.44cm, Charging case: 6.799 x 2.89 x 3.55cm
- Weight: Earbuds: 4.7 g (+- 0.2 g), Charging case: 37.5 g (+-1 g)
- Audio drivers: 12.4mm dynamic driver
- Titanized vibrating diaphragm
- Driver sensitivity: 111 dB +-3 dB @ 1 kHz 179mV
- Bass enhancement algorithm: BassWave algorithm
- Frequency response:20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
- Microphones: 4 (2 per earbud)
- Charging interface (for charging case): Wired, USB Type-C
- Playback (AAC, 50% volume)
ANC on: 5 hours (earbuds) / 27 hours (with charging case)
 ANC off: 7 hours (earbuds) / 36 hours (with charging case)
- Phone call (AAC, 50% volume)
 ANC on: 3.5 hours (earbuds) / 17 hours (with charging case)
ANC off: 4 hours (earbuds) / 19 hours (with charging case)
- Flash charge: 10 mins for 5 hours (charging case + earbuds combined) (AAC, defult volume, ANC off)
         Wired charging time: 60 mins (earbuds) / 90 mins (earbuds + charging case)
- Battery capability: Per earbud: 41 mAh, Charging case: 480 mAh
- Noise cancelling mode: ANC on / ANC off / Transparent mode
- Clear call: AI noise cancellation calls
- ANC Depth: 25 dB
- Water & Sweat Resistance Earbuds: IP55
- Bluetooth version: BT 5.3
- Wireless range: 10 meters
- Supported audio format(s): AAC, SBC
- Special Features: OnePlus Fast Pair
                                    Dolby Atmos support
                      Dirac Toner
                                          Sound Master Equalizer
                                                        Compatibility with HeyMelody app

What's in the box:

- OnePlus Nord Buds 2 earbuds x 1 pair
- OnePlus Nord Buds 2 charging case x 1
- User guide x 1
- Silicon eartips x 3 (S, M, L)
- Safety and Warranty card x 1
- USB Type-C charging cable x 1
- Nord emoji sticker x 1


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