Haylou LS16 RT3 Plus, Black

Manufacturer: Haylou
EAN: 6971664933659
PN: LS16
Packaging: Retail
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General Info

  • LS16 RT3 Plus
  • Circle
  • 1.43inch
  • Black
  • Android
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Accelerometer
    Heart Rate
  • Silicone
  • Yes


  • Retail

Xiaomi Haylou Smartwatch LS16 RT3 Plus - Black

1.43 inches AMOLED Display

With 466 x 466 pixels and unprecedented visual clarity, the large 1.43-inch AMOLED round screen provides you with a precise and clear experience anytime, anywhere.
With an exquisite metal bezel and matte process, the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 smartwatch is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, properly fitting your wrist simultaneously.

Versatile Watch Faces

Choose from 100+ watch faces with various themes from the app.
Custom watch faces are also available, allowing you to select one that perfectly matches your mood and outfit.

Bluetooth calls

Just lift your wrist to answer calls during workouts or cooking easily, and stay online anytime and anywhere.

105 Sport Modes

The high-efficiency motion sensor supports more than 100 workout modes.
It is an all-around coach on your wrist and helps you challenge yourself.

SpO2 Tracking

Sleepiness and fatigue after high-intensity exercise or work are signs of insufficient oxygen in the body.
Raise your wrist to test your blood oxygen level and keep your health under control.

All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring

The Haylou Solar Plus RT3 smartwatch supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time generation of heart rate curves, and abnormal heart rate alert, giving you peace of mind at all times.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

A good night's sleep is a top priority in the modern world.
Therefore, the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 records different sleep stages, helping you know more about what's happening during your sleep, and better develop healthier sleep habits.

Stress Level Monitoring

Real-time detection of physical and mental state when stressed. You can use the breathing training guide to adjust the breathing rhythm and help you meet challenges.

Menstrual Cycle Management

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 has one-tap record management of menstrual and ovulation periods.
It can also provide intimate reminders.

IP68 Professional Water Resistance

The Haylou Solar Plus RT3 smartwatch is IP68 waterproof.
You don't need to take it off when washing hands, helping you cope easily with sweating during workouts or stormy rains.
It can meet daily waterproof needs and be worn and used during workouts (can be exposed to sweat), rainy days, and hand washing.
Please do not wear it for swimming, showering, sauna, surfing, and other high-speed water activities.
Damage caused by immersing the device in liquid when used in an inapplicable scenario is not covered by the warranty.

Strong battery

You can use Haylou Solar Plus RT3 for 7 days under daily usage mode, and the total battery life is up to 20 days. And it can quickly get charged in a short time.

More Practical Functions

It is more than a watch. Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is a good partner in the workplace and life, with diversified functions that go with your phone.


- Sensor: Heart rate sensors, blood oxygen sensors, acceleration sensors
- Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth 5.3
- Storage Capacity: 128Mb (16Mb)
- Display: 1.43-inch AMOLED Display, 466*466 Resolution
- Battery Capacity: 220mAh
- Battery Life: 7 days (heart rate on all day)
- System Requirements: Android 6.0 and above; iOS 11.0 and above
- Rated Dustproof / Waterproof: IP68
- APP Name: Haylou Fun
- Sport Modes: 105 Sports modes (running, cycling, yoga, and so on)

Bluetooth call, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, emotion detection, stress detection, sleep detection

English, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Belarusian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, French, German, Turkish


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