Two-tone Sport Strap for Samsung Galaxy Watch6 / Classic / Watch5 / Pro / Watch4 Series, 20mm, S/M, Navy ET-STR90SNEGEU

Manufacturer: Samsung
EAN: 8806094549324
Packaging: Retail

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General Info

  • Strap
  • Two-tone Sport
  • S/M
  • Navy


  • Retail

Two-tone Sport Band (20mm, S/M) - Pro Navy

Why choose one colour when you can go two-tone?
A contrasting colour adds an edge along the sides to give this 1-pin buckle watch band a unique look.
Take your pick from a range of bold and classic hues to mix, match or try out a whole new style.

Clasp on seriously smooth comfort

Smooth yet strong, this band is made of sweat-resistant and comfortable fluoroelastomer material that's more flexible than previous models.
It's designed to install easily on the handles of newer Galaxy Watch models, and you can adjust the angle as you like with the added air pocket for flexibility.

- Compatible Models: Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro
- Dimension (Hole Band, WxHxD): 23.2 x 116.1 x 11.8 mm
 - Dimension (Buckle Band, WxHxD): 26.8 x 86.4 x 11.8 mm
- Weight: 21.8 g
 - Material: Fluoroelastomer


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