Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite Strap, Olive BHR5438GL (EU Blister)

Manufacturer: Xiaomi
EAN: 6934177756030
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Redmi Watch 2 Lite Strap

Three colours to choose from.
Skin-friendly TPU.
Quick release.

Three vibrant colours
Stand out and step up your style

Vibrant Pink, refreshing Olive and sophisticated Brown — three colours to choose from, pick the one that suits you.

Skin-friendly TPU
More comfortable

Flexible, breathable TPU with colour-coordinated buckle strap — Comfortable and stylish. Wear it during your workouts for consistent comfort even during longer sessions.

Easy quick release
Simply press and pull for quick replacements

With the hidden-lug design, the band is sleek and sophisticated, but practical too — replace your strap in just three easy steps.


 - Material: TPU
 - Adjustable Length: 140-210mm


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